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Somatic Experiencing & Clinical EFT/Tapping

What your 1:1 Program looks like:

One-on-one private somatic therapy sessions with Karla are held over a video call platform. We can connect from anywhere in the world at a time that is convenient for you.

In your sessions, we work with your physiology and nervous system to renegotiate the trauma, stress, and limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life.

Many people find Somatic Experiencing and EFT Tapping to be a great alternative to traditional talk therapy and/or great complementary therapy that heals the underlying physiological responses such as an incomplete fight/flight/freeze response.

Many people experience more freedom in their mind, body, and heart with a shift in their thinking and actions as a result of healing core issues using somatic therapy.

For optimal healing, Karla recommends that you commit to at least 6-sessions (55-minutes each) to see the transformative results you are looking for.

Sessions are individually customized based on your desired healing goals and individual needs.

Schedule Your Free 20-Minute Consultation Call

You Deserve to Be Fully Supported

During your free 20 minute consultation, you’ll share what it is that you want support with and what your goals are. I’ll share a bit more about the therapy and coaching I use, and you can ask whatever questions you may have about the process. Then, if it seems like I’m the right person to support you, you’ll be able to make an appointment for a personalized session.

Why 1-on-1 sessions could be good for you:

You’re ready to let go of the past, you just need guidance and support on doing

You’re tired of your past controlling your future.

You have big dreams for your life, you can see them in the future, but they still seem too distant to make a reality right now.

You can feel a physiological block holding you back and you just don’t know how to get past it.

What is EFT?

Clinical EFT is also referred to as “tapping” or the emotional freedom technique. EFT is an evidence-based technique used to release stress, limiting beliefs, and past experiences that are living in the body and holding us back. EFT is used to calm the amygdala (part of the brain that encodes negative experiences and holds us back) so one can move forward to making the changes we want in our lives rather than allowing the reaction to the stress and fears to keep us stuck.

So you know those things you know you want to change or do, but something is holding you back…like speaking in public, making more money, attracting the right person, making a change in a relationship, making cold calls, having an awkward conversation, eating healthier, etc. We use tapping to get to the core issue of what’s keeping you stuck and essentially rewire the brain, so you can do that thing without your body going into a fear or stress response.

What is Somatic Experiencing®?

Somatic Experiencing facilitates the renegotiation of trauma and completion of self-protective responses in the body.  Clients are gently guided to sensations and emotions in their bodies while building up tolerance and curiosity, so the body is able to come back into alignment and function with more resilience and ease. 

Somatic Experiencing is a body-oriented therapy model for healing trauma and stress.  It utilizes a multidisciplinary approach combining physiology, psychology, ethology, biology, neuroscience, indigenous healing practices, and medical biophysics.   It has been applied clinically for decades and is the work of Dr. Peter Levine.

Although trauma can seem like a heavy word for some people, trauma can be any event or perceived experience that overwhelms the nervous system and impairs someone’s ability to move through life with resilience and ease.  


Her genuine loving approach is both gentle and powerful

When I had my EFT sessions with Karla I found the opening and grounding part of the session something I truly loved. In that part of our second session, I heard an intuitive phrase drop-in ‘seat of comfort’. I felt totally emerged and safe and easy to do the EFT tapping. I forgot the world & my fears and knew I could trust the process. 

Karla’s words and phrases and voice guided me there. And so I believe this is one of Karla’s many gifts, she creates a ‘seat of comfort’ in which to guide you into the process of healing and letting go. I am so grateful for my sessions with Karla and to feel that kind of safety. 

I find Karla’s energy to be genuine, open, and embracing, which created ease, and a safety that allowed me to open up and be guided by her. Her genuine loving approach is both gentle and powerful. A truly poignant shift occurred in my awareness in the first session that has empowered me greatly.

Working with Karla is empowering and fun. I highly recommended her skillful approach and passion for EFT. Both its results and its benefits. She’s truly knowledgeable.

If you have tried everything, read all the books, and still feel blocked, as I did, try Letting Karla guide you to use EFT, I’m glad I did. I’ve seen some major shifts and releases.

Angela, United Kingdom

More Testimonials

I LOVED my sessions with Karla! She made me feel very comfortable, supported and was super patient throughout the entire process. I could tell she was intentionally creating the sessions to serve me and my needs, and was gracious with her time and follow up support. I highly recommend her services.”
Jenny, Chicago, IL

“I felt immediately at ease with Karla – I believe due largely to Karla’s own open-hearted space when we first connected. We went to a deep-rooted issue that was long-standing within me and I definitely felt another layer had shifted after working with her on it. Feeling gratitude for having experienced this wonderful session with Karla!”

Patricia, New Zealand

I had a wonderful experience with Karla completing remote EFT sessions. Karla has calm, balanced and welcoming energy. We connected immediately, and she made me feel very comfortable throughout the sessions.” 

Shelby, New York, NY

As a Health Coach my main focus is teaching people how to view their health from a different perspective.  A person’s health is so much more than just what they eat and what sort of physical activity they partake in.  It is also how they think, react and participate in their world.

Despite all my training and success in guiding my clients to true health, I wasn’t “showing up” for myself. I literally wasn’t taking my own advice.

In working with Karla, I was guided me to the realization that I was allowing fear to dictate my present and essentially my future. I was fearful of the unknown and of failing. I am so grateful that I found Karla.

Thank you so much Karla for helping me move forward, because of working with you I have finally moved after dreaming about it for years.

Melissa, Canada

Interested in Working Together?

Healing doesn’t have to be a struggle or something you do on your own. In fact, you shouldn’t! You deserve to be fully supported.

During your free 20 minute consultation, you’ll share what it is that you want support with and what your goals are. I’ll share a bit more about the therapy and coaching I use, and you can ask whatever questions you may have about the process. Then, if it seems like I’m the right person to support you, you’ll be able to make an appointment for a personalized session.