A balanced and flowing root chakra is vital to your overall well-being and your entire energy system. My intention with this post is to provide you with some guidance on how to find more stability and grounding in your root chakra so that you are able to find more balance and flow in your life.

The first chakra governs safety, survival, and basic needs being met as well as the physical world. The ultimate goal of the root chakra is survival by having your needs met, a connection to earth, and having a support system or “tribe”.

Finding balance in the root chakra is necessary to provide stability so that the rest of your energy system is able to find balance. The root chakra is like the foundation of a house. It’s nearly impossible to have a well-built house standing on a rocky foundation.

This post will cover where the root chakra is located, why it is one of the most important chakras, symptoms of an excessive or deficient root chakra. As well as, how to support healing and balancing of the first chakra along with 44 root chakra affirmations to support your healing.

What is the Chakra System?

The root chakra is considered the foundation of the chakra system. It is the first energy center of the seven energy centers, that make up your energy system.

Chakras are discs or wheels of energy that spin, located in specified locations in your body. There are seven main chakra points in the physical body that contain these energy centers. Each is responsible for holding the energy of a different area of your life.

The Seven Primary Chakras of the Chakra System

First Chakra- Root Chakra

Second Chakra- Sacral Chakra

Third Chakra- Solar Plexus Chakra

Fourth Chakra- Heart Chakra

Fifth Chakra- Throat Chakra

Sixth Chakra- Third Eye Chakra

Seventh Chakra- Crown Chakra

What is the Root Chakra?

The root chakra, also known by its Sanskrit name as the Muladhara Chakra and associated with the color red. It is the first chakra of the chakra system, located at the base of the spine. It is considered to be the foundation and the building block for all the other chakras to rest upon, making it one of the most important chakras.

The first chakra is related to the element of earth, which includes all earthly things and existential instincts, such as the primary instinct for survival, food, home, safety & security, body, family, and tribal affiliations as well as material items and tangible things.

The first chakra helps connect you and ground you with the energy of Mother Earth as well as the material world we all live in. It is also the part of you that provides you with your sense of safety in that world. This chakra is the part of you that feels you have the “right to be here” and the “right to be present in the world”.

Another important aspect of your first chakra is the ability “to be and to have.” This can speak particularly to your ability to have, keep, maintain, and manifest or materialize things. This can reflect your relationship with money and allowing you to enjoy luxuries and things without feeling guilt along the way. It is also the energy center that is responsible for people either hoarding or restricting themselves with things. This chakra deals with feelings around scarcity vs abundance.

The root chakra is not just tied to finances and things, but also to time and self-care. The root chakra is strongly intertwined with your self-worth and the ability to care for yourself. It reflects the worth you feel about “being” in the world and “having” in the world. The root chakra is about claiming your place in the world.

The more balanced your root chakra is, the more safe, secure, and grounded you will feel.

Symptoms of an Imbalanced Root Chakra

Deficient Energy in the Root Chakra

Symptoms of a deficient or underactive root chakra may look or feel like any of the following, but certainly not limited to or defined by:

Little to no care about diet, may not even think about food, underweight, uncoordinated, pulling in and away from life or “living”, disconnected from needs of the body, poor/sloppy dress and hygiene, dissociating, disconnection from life and lack of being present, living with a sense of fear or not feeling safe, disorganization in-your-home, workspace, etc.

Excessive Energy in the Root Chakra

In contrast, symptoms of excessive energy in the Root Chakra may look or feel like any of the following, but certainly not limited to or defined by:

Overeating or being overweight, feeling stuck in life, hoarding items, experiencing a lack of motion in life- may stay where you feel comfortable, being/looking hard and rigid, resistant to change, active but repetitive in nature, preferring routines (especially if there’s a rigidity to them), overly secure, strict, rigid boundaries, eating disorders or disordered eating, letting life pass you by.

It’s important to note that some people experience symptoms of both excessive and deficient energy in a chakra, which is referred to as having split energy or a split chakra.  

Strengthening Your Root Chakra

Healing a Deficient Root Chakra

If you have a deficient root chakra some of the following may support strengthening it are:

  • martial arts
  • physical challenges/activities than can build self-esteem
  • team sports
  • eating healthy
  • walking and jogging
  • yoga
  • weight lifting
  • hugs and physical touch
  • realtionships with others
  • pets
  • gardening

Healing an Excessive Root Chakra

If you have excessive energy in your root chakra some of the following may support balancing it are:

  • swimming
  • dancing
  • yoga flow
  • dietary changes that support less ridgidity or lighter foods
  • clearing away clutter in your home and life
  • being more spontaneous
  • letting others guide you (and trusing them to do so)

Signs of a Balanced Root Chakra

When you are in an energetic balance in your root chakra, you will feel balanced, safe, and supported- at peace as you move through life. You will feel you are able to trust that you are in the right place in life. You feel that you are able to honor and love your body. You will feel confident that you are able to live your purpose in life. Letting go of clutter and things will come with ease, knowing what is and isn’t serving you in life. And manifesting desires and abundance come with more ease.

Affirmations for Root Chakra Healing

Affirmations are a powerful way to turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Powerful chakra affirmations that are designed to heal a specific chakra can bring a flow of energy back into that area and re-establish a healthier state.

An affirmation is a great way to affirm or confirm something is true. Positive affirmations are a way to provide you with emotional support and encouragement. As you say the affirming words with your lips, you want to really hear each word or even meditate on the affirmation.

In addition, you want to repeat them until you believe them, to feel these words as truth in your bones. It is then that you will experience healing and transformation.  

What your mind repeats, your mind believes. 
What your mind believes your body feels.” 

44 Powerful Root Chakra Affirmations

(Note not all these affirmations will be applicable to you. Pick and choose what feels good to you or use them as inspiration to create your own affirmations.)

  1. My body is the temple for my spirit.
  2. I am worthy because I exist.
  3. I am beautiful and unique.
  4. My presence is essential in the world.
  5. I love and honor my body.
  6. I embrace life and am open to accepting life as it is.
  7. I feel solid in my body.
  8. I feel energy in my body.
  9. My presence is my power.
  10. I have great purpose in life.
  11. I am grounded and safe in this moment.
  12. I am present in this moment.
  13. I release the fear and doubts that block the way of love and abundance into my life.
  14. I feel at home wherever I am.
  15. I love my body and believe in its strength.
  16. When I connect with Mother Earth, I am guided and supported.
  17. I have the right to be here.
  18. My presence is important in the world.
  19. I am able to create a sense of safety wherever I am.
  20. I am worthy of having my needs met.
  21. I am worthy of ____.
  22. I prioritize my well-being and do not abandon myself.
  23. Healthy boundaries are healthy.
  24. I am able to attract and be supported by the right people.
  25. I trust that the universe has my back.
  26. I trust the flow of life.
  27. I let go of what is not serving me.
  28. My needs are met. I am provided for.
  29. I am grateful for the abundance I’ve been given.
  30. I can let go of “stuff” that I don’t need.
  31. I tune into my body and listen to its needs.
  32. The care of my body is a priotity.
  33. I nourish and care for my body with love and gratitude.
  34. I am worthy of love and care.
  35. My body supports me in living a happy and healthy life.
  36. I have gratitude for the challenges that have helped me rise up.
  37. I choose to see abundance over lack.
  38. I affirm my right to the life I desire.
  39. I see beauty in myself and in the world around me.
  40. With love I feed, nourish and provide for myself.
  41. I have the right to live a good life.
  42. I love and honor my body as it does its best to carry me through life.
  43. I am open to accepting and embracing life as it is.
  44. I am one with the earth.

Additional Powerful Tools that May Support your Daily Affirmations

Spending time in nature, making contact with the earth, or walking barefoot on the grass are also great ways to help ground and balance your first chakra.

Bodily Associations: The root chakra can affect many areas of the body such as the legs, large intestine, and adrenal glands. Lower back pain may also be a result of an imbalance of the root chakra although low back pain can also be affected by an imbalance of the sacral chakra.

Activities: Yoga that may support the root chakra is both a Hatha yoga practice and flow or vinyasa yoga. Some yoga poses that may help are knees to chest, half locust and full locust, and bridge pose.

Crystals and gemstones that may support the root chakra are ruby, hematite, and bloodstone. Ruby is known for containing the essence of vitality and regenerative forces. Hematite is known to help keep one focused and grounded. Bloodstone is said to help heal physical problems and purify the blood.

Essential oils that may help support the first chakra are cinnamon, garlic, and sandalwood among others.

Food: The root chakra is associated with protein in the body, eating a balanced variety and a healthy amount of protein is important for maintaining balance in your root chakra.

Since the root chakra color is red, imagine a healing red light coming in and blanketing your legs up to the base of your spine with warmth and healing as you visualize and repeat your affirmations. Using the power of affirmations can help you to ground and find your place in the world!

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