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I LOVED my sessions with Karla! She made me feel very comfortable and supported and was super patient throughout the entire process. I could tell she was intentionally creating the sessions to serve me and my needs and was gracious with her time and follow-up support. I highly recommend her services.”
Jenny, Chicago, IL

Despite all my training and success in guiding my clients to true health, I wasn’t “showing up” for myself. I literally wasn’t taking my own advice.

In working with Karla, I was guided me to the realization that I was allowing fear to dictate my present and essentially my future. I was fearful of the unknown and of failing. I am so grateful that I found Karla.

Melissa, Canada

“I felt immediately at ease with Karla – I believe due largely to Karla’s own open-hearted space when we first connected. We went to a deep-rooted issue that was long-standing within me and I definitely felt another layer had shifted after working with her on it. Feeling gratitude for having experienced this wonderful session with Karla!”

Patricia, New Zealand

I had a wonderful experience with Karla completing remote EFT sessions. Karla has calm, balanced and welcoming energy. We connected immediately, and she made me feel very comfortable throughout the sessions.” 

Shelby, New York, NY

Ready to Stop Letting your high-functioning Anxiety run your life?

How would it feel to heal your anxiety so you no longer spend your days overthinking and feeling paralyzed by self-doubt? You can feel empowered and confident, so you can thrive in life!