Who We Are

We are The Ripple.

We are an intersectional women’s collective empowering women to make waves in their communities.

We know that change starts small, and ideas ripple out from individuals to become huge waves that drown out the opposition!

And the way we make those waves? Is by organizing, uplifting, and mobilizing.

The Ripple connects women with causes that embody their beliefs. And with privilege comes responsibility, specifically a responsibility to let those struggling, not just speak, but be in the driver’s seat.

At The Ripple, we want to protect women. Women don’t need pity, they need partnership. And we mobilize by getting out of our comfort zones to protect the human rights of others. Because until ALL women are safe, none of us truly are.

We have to show up for each other.


Dana Suchow – Co-Founder

do-the-hotpants-dana-suchow-headshotDana Suchow is a writer, stylist, and activist. Since overcoming bulimia and compulsive exercising that resulted in permanent injuries, she has become a champion for women’s rights, eating disorder issues, and body positivity. Dana founded Do The Hotpants in 2012 as a fashion blog, but once she realized that fashion’s unattainable beauty standard was fueling her eating disorder, she switched gears. In 2014 Dana gave up her dream of becoming a famous fashion blogger, and has now made it her mission to use her own life experiences to educate, empower, and uplift anyone struggling with bad body image.

Dana lives in New York City, where she holds a Masters Degree in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. You can find her as a guest on Good Morning America and The T.D. Jakes Show, as well as in such publications as The Huffington Post, Vogue, Marie Claire, Seventeen Magazine, ABC News, and Yahoo!.

Rachel Cargle – Co-Founder

aaeaaqaaaaaaaahdaaaajdm1m2q3y2m4lti0zjctndy5ns1imgy5lwy0otlizdkyowrmygIn late 2012, Rachel set out as a woman who was young, newly divorced and desperately seeking clarity and purpose. But instead of being held up by fear of change and the lack of security, she pushed herself to see just what she was made of. She quit her job, packed up her Jetta with her necessities (i.e. books and coffee maker) and her journey began in Washington DC.

 In those three years spent in the nations capital, Rachel developed a new self awareness and made a commitment to myself to indulge in becoming the woman she had always imagined she could be. Rachel followed her heart in every way imaginable.

Rachel is a serial entrepreneur who builds brands to fill gaps that she sees in the continuum of efficiency and possibility. She is committed to developing dynamic opportunities for women to live out the lives they yearn for (and deserve) in business, lifestlye and self discovery.

Kennedy Carroll – Director of Strategic Partnerships and Events

kennedy-headshot-1Kennedy Carroll is a photographer and budding women’s activist. Throughout her life, she has struggled with body image and the standards that are placed upon women in society. A lot of her personal work has to do with the female figure, particularly her own. Kennedy’s goal is to help create equality – no matter race, ethnicity, age, weight, sexual or gender identification – and ultimately to show everyone that their beauty, value and aspirations are worth sharing with the world.

Kennedy graduated from University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a BFA in Photography in 2014. She currently resides and works in Northern Virginia with her husband, Phillip and their pug, Winston.

Pratnya Moniaga – Social Media Manager


Pratnya Moniaga is currently a student at California State University Los Angeles, where her focus is in Rhetoric and Social Change Communication as well as Gender and Ethnic Studies. Born and raised in Los Angeles she feels compassion towards social justice issues and is learning to decolonize white ideology systems within her herstory. As she continues to unfold her herstory and learn more about the roots that she came from, she also wants to learn and implement change in our classist food industrial system.

Pratnya has worked in the food industry all throughout her college career and has been engaged about learning the relationship communities of color have with food and create access to healthy, organic, fresh, and culturally relevant produce in an affordable way, for all incomes.

As Pratnya tries to navigate herself in this world, she wishes balance, happiness, growth, and success to her very loved ones.

Diane Bui – Social Media Manager

fullsizerenderDiane Bui is a proud first generation Filipino-Vietnamese-American born and raised in the Washington, DC area with a passion for helping people.

As an activist, feminist and aspiring writer, Diane continually aims to hear, uplift and document stories of the marginalized. Never willing to turn down a challenge, she believes you learn the most about yourself and others when pushed out of your comfort zone.
After attending Elon University in North Carolina and graduating with a degree in business management, Diane was desperate for a change. She packed up her bags and moved to Australia for a year. After her time traveling abroad, she returned to the Washington, DC area and currently works for a local non-profit.