I found this quote today to try to describe where my life is at right now.

“Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams than you are your comfort zone” Billy Cox.

I read that word in an article a couple of weeks ago and it pinged right at me, you know those moments when you feel like you just received a puzzle piece you’ve been looking for?

I’ve had to really sit with why that word jumped out at me, what or who was it that I was or was not committing to that was needing my attention. I began reflecting on areas of my life and relationships, looking for where this “commitment” ping was hitting home.

I was pretty shocked when I realized the one I wasn’t committing to was myself- my dreams, the way I truly want my life to be.

I wasn’t committing to creating change in my career by blogging each day. I wasn’t committed to a physical move I’ve been wanting to do for years but instead pushing it off to a dream of “in a few years.” I wasn’t totally committing to my health and well-being by being pretty lax on my workout and diet throughout the holidays.

Since that day, I’ve been doing my best to commit to my dreams each and every day, one is by writing every day. I’ve been trying to sit in the discomfort, push that publish button even when I know it’s not perfect. I’ve been breathing through discomforts, yet finding myself feeling more comfortable in myself than ever.

Have all my dreams come true yet? Not yet, but keep checking back. However what does feel different is my attitude, the way I’m choosing to live each day. And interestingly enough, quite a few little miracles and opportunities in support of my dreams have already come my way.



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