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Today is the first day of spring! Living in the midwest we look forward (all winter) to the shift out of the cold and snow and into spring and sunshine. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve really learned to appreciate spring and all it represents; it is a time for the seeds that have been sown to take root and begin to blossom.

Over the last month, I took a break from writing publicly in order to really go inward and dive deeper into my own healing. For it is when we take time to go inward and nurture our inner-selves that we are then able to blossom outward; shining even brighter into the world.

I used to feel a lot of shame and guilt around taking time for myself (or I just wouldn’t take time for myself at all); I felt guilt and shame for not being as “productive” in the world as I thought I needed to be in order to feel valued.

Over time I have learned that the more I seek value from the outside world, the less value I actually had on my inside world. When we seek external validation it is often because we are unable to find that validation within ourselves.

As I’ve learned to truly value myself regardless of how “productive” my day has been, I’ve experienced so many incredible internal shifts. The focus is instead on investing in myself, my health and well-being rather than on productivity and accomplishing as much as I can in order to get that rush of feel-good energy at what I’ve accomplished.

Investing in myself allows me to focus on my health and well-being; which in turn allows me to show up bigger and brighter in the world. I like to think I’m now more focused on the quality of how I show up in the world rather than the “quantity” of how much I’m”doing” in the world.

As we step into spring take this time with your journal to notice what intentions, what seedlings have you been planting for yourself over this last winter? What is it that your heart is asking you to take note of and nurture during this springtime? How can you invest in yourself so you are showing up in a more quality way in which you can shine brighter for yourself and others?


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